National Pedicabs at Nationals Park!

National Pedicabs at Nationals Park!

Globalization goes both ways. National Pedicabs seek to start a revolution in Washington DC transportation. Our cabs are faster than walking, can maneuver through heavy traffic, are more environmentally friendly than buses or trains. We strive to be the most enjoyable and entertaining means of transportation around.

People just can’t get over the advantages of pedicab transportation- the entertaining drivers, the comfortable ride, the sun and the breeze. If you’re in a rush, we’ll work to get you to your destination fast. Pedicab transport is the perfect “see and be seen” experience. Some of our customers simply ask: “just take us around” the National Mall.

Some taxi cabs have been known to take the longest route possible while the meter keeps running, but you never have to worry about that with our pedicabs- we don’t have meters. In fact, our customers have been so pleased with our pedicab rides, we’ve stopped charging set rates! We simply ask our patrons: “Pay as you please!” – ensuring that you can’t possibly be disappointed by our service. It saves us the math and saves you the uncertainty.

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